Let's Make Your Cert IV Upgrade As Steamlined As Possible

We don’t want anyone to jump through hoops just for the sake of it or to do any work that is completely unnecessary, so to make your learning journey as efficient as possible, we have designed a skills and knowledge assessment survey that will help us create your Personal Learning Plan.

The time spent doing this will save a lot of time and effort for both of us moving forward.

  1. Identify which TAE upgrade option you need using the flow chart on the right, download or “Make a copy” of this file (Google Doc), change the file name to include the year, month, and day of today, plus add your name and keep the rest of the file name as it is. Complete this survey as best you can, SAVE it again, and then send it in (details at the end of this document).
  2. We will develop a Personal Learning Plan to show how we believe your TAE program should be structured. It will consider how to approach each unit, in which order and over what timeframe to meet your goals.
  3. Once you are enrolled, we set up your Learner Portal accordingly and you can get started. We stay close and change the program as new information comes in, or as your circumstances change.
Get a free personalised Learning Plan and let us point you in the right direction.