Upgrade Certificate IV In Training And Assessment (TAE40116 To TAE40122)

3 months

From $1500


This is for anyone who holds a TAE40116 qualification, is currently working as a Trainer and Assessor, or has been actively working as one in the last 2 years, and wants to transition to the most current TAE40122 qualification.

Assessments marked within 1-8 business days

A flexible study arrangement

Fast response times

Certificate IV Course Options


This is your selt-paced online option but fully supported with unlimited 1:1 trainer hours to use for both accountability and all the mentoring you could possibly need to get to graduation!
Unlimited 1:1 trainer Support
Assessment Marketing Within 4 Business Days


This is still a self-paced all-online option but with 12 hours of 1:1 trainer access for ongoing accountability, and extra support and mentoring when you really need it.
12 Hrs 1:1 Trainer Support
Assessment Marketing Within 4 Business Days


This is your self-directed and self-paced all-online option. Perfect if you prefer to work independently, can focus and motivate yourself, good at using computers, and you
have great study habits.
Pay-As-You-Go 1:1 Trainer Support
Assessment Marketing Within 8 Business Days

What's Included in This Course...

Unlimited 1:1 Trainer Support

For Ultimate Support Package students only; unlimited trainer support via phone, video call or email booked for 30-minute sessions (except email, which is used in 15-minute increments) during business hours.

Fast Help - Evening Trainer Support

These are run fortnightly for 2 hours where you can book 1 x 10 minute block for quick after-hours help. Available in support packages and great for students who study when our regular trainers are not available.

Assessment Marking Time

Your assessments will be marked within 4 business days! A faster turnaround means you can continue with the next module and graduate sooner!

Regular Check-Ins From Student Support

We don't enrol and forget. We care that you're doing ok or want to know if you're stuck, especially if we haven't seen any progress from you for a couple of weeks. No student is left behind!

Admin and Learner Portal Support

All support packages receive unlimited admin and Learner Portal support from our Student Support team for any access, admin, or financial arrangement issues.

Facebook Support Group

An online space where you can connect and collaborate with other students who are enrolled in any of the Training and Assessment courses. A great place to find a study buddy and get questions answered!


Your Qualification, The Course Requirements & The Skills You Gain


You can still train and assess as you did with the TAE40116 however, you hold the latest version of the TAE Cert IV with the newest skills and knowledge and you won't have to upgrade when TAE40122 eventually becomes mandatory.

Course Requirement 1

You must hold the full TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and be able to provide both your certificate and the transcript of the units you have successfully completed.

Course Requirement 2

You must be currently working as a trainer and assessor, or have you been within the last 2 years. If you haven't got current work experience, this is not the course for you. Speak to our Course Advisors for your options,

Course Requirement 3 - Evidence

Can you provide the following - Assessment Tools that you have developed, Trainer and Assessor Profiles, Professional Development Plans, session plans and attendance sheets for face-to-face training delivery and evidence of assessing learners against units of competency?

Important Note:

The speed of completing this transition will depend on your access to, and ability to submit the evidence required. You could finish the transition in a week if you have access to everything and can commit the time, or it can take all the way up to the 3-month mark. It’s mainly up to you.


Your Course Journey

Enrolment Interview

After you pay your deposit and complete your PLP, you'll book an enrolment interview. This is where we'll discuss your goals and based on your PLP, what specialisation is most suitable for you and what your learning journey will look like.

Develop Personal Learning Plan

You'll complete a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) Survey to determine which specialisation is most suitable and then guide us in designing your personal learning journey - where you will use RPL, credit transfers or coursework.

Learner Portal Access

Within 24 hours of your PLP interview, our team will set your learner portal up to mirror your PLP so you will know exactly what you need to provide or do, and you an get started.

Your Welcome Meeting

The welcome meeting is scheduled next and it allows for the setting of goals to make sure you can complete your course in the timeframe allocated in your developed PLP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much 1:1 Trainer Support Is Included?

You have 2 hours of included trainer support; 4 x 30 min sessions which should be more than enough.

It’s a pretty straightforward process if you are currently, or have been recently, working as a trainer and assessor, and you have your transcript for your TAE40116.

IF you use all of that up, you can pay-as-you-go for more one-on-one trainer time @ $50 for a 30-minute session.

How Long Will It Take?

The course is structured as a self-paced, self-directed delivery mode.

You’ll receive a 3-month enrolment period from the time you activate your course, to completion.

You can work on your assessments as quickly or as leisurely (within the designated enrolment time) as you wish, but all assessment tasks must be completed and submitted prior to the 3-month enrolment period ending.

You will be set up with your own Learner Portal and all lessons, resources and assessment tasks will be made available for you to download, work on, and submit.

We understand that circumstances can change, life just happens sometimes and it’s out of our control, so be in touch with our student support team if for some reason you’re concerned that you can’t complete your course in the 3 months. We can help with deferring it or offer paid extension periods if additional time is needed, there are options and we’re here to find solutions with you.

Our assessment marking turnaround time is 4 business days, so we help you keep that momentum by making sure your submitted assessments are marked swiftly, allowing you to keep up the pace and get your transition from the TAE40116 to the TAE40122 completed in no time at all.

Together we’ve got this!

How Does This Work?

  1. Either prior to or after enrolment, we’ll conduct a gap assessment by analysing your TAE40116 transcript
  2. We will then credit transfer 2 of the units from your TAE40116 (TAEDEL402/ and either BSBCMM411/TAEDEL301) as these are equivalent units to their successors
  3. We will then package the remainder of your units and you will be able to complete the course by accessing and completing a range of knowledge question assessments, assignments, and/or RPL assessment kits.

See “What units will end up in my transcript” for how each unit is assessed and completed.

What Assessments Will I Need To Do?

We have clustered the units so that you have a simple and straightforward pathway through the assessment of your 12 new TAE40122 units.

We do not want to make you jump through hoops that you have already jumped through in your previous TAE40116 Cert IV TAE so we will only assess the gaps for the non-equivalent units.

The assessment tasks are structured as follows:

  • TAEPDD401/BSBAUD412:  Completed via Knowledge Question assessment and Assignment or RPL Kit
  • TAEASS413: Completed via Knowledge Question assessment and Assignment or RPL Kit
  • TAEDES411/DES412/DEL411/DEL311/ASS512/LLN421/ASS412: Completed via 3 x Gap Knowledge Assessments + integrated RPL Kit for skills assessment + integrated RPL Kit for skills assessment
  • Remaining units will be credit transferred.

What Will End Up In My Transcript?

To this end, the TAE40116 – TAES40122 RPL transition program offers the following 12 units on completion of your course:

Core Units:

  • TAEASS412 Assess competence (completed via Gap Knowledge + Skills Assessment – Integrated RPL Kit)
  • TAEASS413 Participate in assessment validation (completed via Assignment/Workshop or RPL Kit)
  • TAEDEL411 Facilitate vocational training (completed via Gap Knowledge + Skills Assessment – Integrated RPL Kit)
  • TAEDES411 Use nationally recognised training products to meet vocational training needs (completed via Gap Knowledge Assessment)
  • TAEDES412 Design and develop plans for vocational training (completed via Gap Knowledge + Skills Assessment – Integrated RPL Kit)
  • TAEPDD401 Work effectively in the VET sector (completed via Assignment or RPL with BSBAUD412)

Elective Units:

  • Group A: TAEDEL412 Facilitate workplace-based learning (Credit Transfer)
  • Group A: TAEASS512 Design and develop assessment tools (completed via Gap Knowledge + Skills Assessment – Integrated RPL Kit)
  • Group A: TAEDEL311 Provide work skill instruction (completed via Credit Transfer or RPL with TAEDEL411)
  • Group B: TAELLN421 Integrate core skills support into training and assessment (completed via Gap Knowledge + Skills Assessment – Integrated RPL Kit)
  • Group C: BSBAUD412 Work within compliance frameworks (completed via Assignment or RPL with TAEPDD401)
  • The final elective unit may be imported from any Cert III or above Qual such as TAE40110/TAE40116, TAE SKILL SETS, and industry-relevant AQF qualifications

How Much Will It Cost Me?

This upgrade is an online-only course to transition from TAE40116 to TAE40122.

$1500 for pay-in-full and $1650 (total) for a payment plan with weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment frequency options available.

What Is Involved In The Enrolment Interview?

You’ll be sent to a booking page just after making your deposit payment, to book your enrolment interview and a confirmation email will be sent to you with the details of everything you need to have prepared for that interview.

The interview can be booked on the same day but there is a minimum of a 4 hour gap from applying to being able to do the enrolment interview, this is so you have time to get prepared.

HEADS UP: You will need your USI (Student Identifier) before you get to your interview.

This is done via Google Meet where you can ask any additional questions and clear up anything you’re not sure of before enrolling. This is also where we both get to make sure you have chosen the right course pathway and support package for what you really need.

During the interview we’ll conduct a "Suitability Assessment". This is a series questions that will help us determine if you can meet the technical, practical and skill requirements needed for you to be able to confidently complete this course online.

The technical requirements are things like having regular computer access as well as knowledge and confidence navigating things like email, logins and websites. The practical questions are to make sure you have access to the human and physical resources you need to complete the assessments in your course.

We will ask additional questions about your goals, your online experience and comfort level in learning online, your learning ability plus your availability to study.This is all to make sure you're in the right course and set up to succeed before enrolling formally. This gives you more confidence that you can absolutely get all the way to graduation.

If the course is found to be unsuitable for you, your deposit (including the enrolment interview fee of $150) will be fully refunded. If you don't show up for your enrolment interview or if you change your mind after the interview within the 7 day cooling off period, the enrolment fee is not refunded.

What Happens If This Course Is Determined As Not Suitable For Me?

If during your Enrolment Interview we discover this course is not suitable for you, we’ll offer other alternative solutions or refund all fees paid, including the $150 deposit.

How Do I Access The Learning Material?

Once your enrolment is finalised, this is when you are set up with a login to your Learner Portal. An email is sent with everything you need to have and know to get started and inside the Learner Portal is a video introduction that will show you how to navigate around it.

Inside the learner portal you'll find all of your units listed in a logical order, with all lessons in PDF's and videos, broken down into smaller chunks with comprehensive assessment guides to make it as easy as possible to know what you need to do to complete them right the first time. And as you complete each item, they are marked as complete so you can easily see where you're up to when you next log in.

What If I Need To Take a Break From Studying?

The flexibility of our online approach means that if you need to take a break from studying, we’ve got that covered too.

We offer the option to defer (pause) your studies. Whilst you are deferred, your enrolment is inactive, and we pause your enrolment duration. Then, when you are reactivated from deferment, you pick up exactly where you left off and carry on.

Here is what you need to know about deferring:

  • You can defer a maximum of two times. The first deferment is free. The second deferment has a $45 fee.
  • Payment plans continue on deferment, and your payments must be up to date before we can defer you.
  • You won’t have access to your trainer or learning platform while you’re status is “deferred”.
  • If you have at least 6 weeks remaining in your enrolment, you can defer for up to 3 months. After that, you can defer for twice the amount of time remaining in your enrolment (for example, if you have 1 week left in your enrolment, you can defer for 2 weeks.)

The most important thing is to contact us if your enrolment isn’t working out as you had planned, so that we can offer you the best support options as and when you need them.

Why Choose Fortress?

We know that right now you probably “need” to do this training and you’re looking for fast and easy so it’s relatively painless for you. We get it, so we’ve spent more time on our end making it as straightforward for you as possible, and finding ways to do our part more efficiently so we’re not the bottleneck!

  1. We have one of the fastest marking times in the industry – We know that when you start something like this, you want to get through it as fast as possible and marking times can significantly impact how fast you can do it. You’ll get your assessments back within 4 business days with us (except where the Solo Support Package, which is 4 – 8 business days max), and then the speed with which you get to graduation is mostly up to you.
  2. Our learning material is first-class in clarity and comprehensiveness, and is as close to what you’ll find in real life! We do this so you’re more confident and skilled when you start working as an actual trainer.
  3. Our support and responsiveness are why we have such a high completion rate. We’ll respond to your emails within 8 business hours, and if we miss your call, we’ll call you back within 4 business hours. Our trainers are also known for their compassion, wisdom and ability to get you all the way to graduation.

Don't believe what we say though, check out our reviews on Google and Trustpilot - See what others have said about learning with us!

Why Is There a Non-Refundable Fee Included In The Deposit?

When you will pay your deposit it includes your $150 non-refundable enrolment interview fee. This covers the cost of the behind-the-scenes work and time taken to prepare and run the interview itself because it is a cost to us. It's also not fair to others who could have booked an earlier time with us when people just don't show up.

We do the enrolment interview to make sure that the course is the right course for you, and that you have all of the resources and the time you will need to complete it successfully (baring any unexpected events that could impact it) BEFORE you actually enrol. We have saved many students money, time and frustration by having this interview and discovering that it's unlikely they will complete it successfully for some reason. We are invested in your success from the start.

If the course isn't suitable for you for whatever reason, you will be refunded the whole amount of your deposit, including your $150 enrolment interview fee. If you simply don't show up, the $150 enrolment interview fee won't be refunded should you choose not to go ahead for other reasons.

If an emergency happens and you can’t let us know you won’t be able to make it for some reason, we’re generous when it matters most so there are circumstances where this enrolment interview fee will also be refunded, but this is only on a case by case basis.

Do You Have Flexible Payment Options?

We offer flexible payment options for every course.

You can pay in full and upfront, but you can also pay a deposit (which includes the $150 non-refundable enrolment interview fee), and choose a fortnightly or weekly payment plan. When you select "Enrol", you will see the various packages available for your course, and once you select the package you want, you will be presented with the various payment options.

If you want to go back and see another package and their payment plan options, just hit "back".

Can I Get a Refund If I Change My Mind?

Upon Application:

  • If you are found not to be suitable for entry into any of our programs, we will refund all monies paid.
  • If you choose not to continue with the enrolment interview or application, we will refund monies paid, excluding the $150 application fee.

After Enrolment:

  • Fortress has a 30-day cooling-off period.
  • This 30-day cooling-off period starts from the activation of your learner portal.  For example, if your learner portal is activated on March 1st, the 30-day cooling-off period ends on March 31st
  • If you choose to withdraw within the 30-day cooling-off period, then a full refund of fees paid(excluding the application fee of $150) applies.
  • If you choose to withdraw at any time after the 30-day cooling-off period ends, no refund is applicable, and the full balance of course fees will be due.

Please refer to our Refund Policy here for additional information.

All of our trainers are located in Australia!
All assessments marked within 8 business days!
Certificates sent within 7 business days of all checks being completed
Progress monitored and we check in if you stall

There Are 4 Upgrade Options

The option that's best for you depends on multiple factors, so use the following flow chart to help you determine which option you should look at. If in doubt, our Course Advisors are experts at working this out with you.
Regardless of your choice you'll need to speak to them to book in for your upgrade course option.








Date of experience: 18 June 2023

A heartfelt thanks to the Fortress team and Trainer Deb Thomas!

Fortress learning provided quality service, resources and training, from the enrolment process with Jonathon who had exceptional Customer service skills to the Trainer Deb Thomas who held my hand through the upgrade process. I am very happy to have selected and committed to Fortress learning and would highly recommend anyone considering to upgrade their qualifications or begin their training to go with their training organisation. Thanks again Deb for your time, knowledge and skills.

Date of experience:

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Lindsey Conway




June 21, 2023

Completed my TAE40116 Upgrade with Fortress

Just completed my TAE40116 Upgrade with Fortress Learning and would like to thank Deb Thomas for the amazing support I received. She made complicated stuff easy to understand and was there to guide me, kept me motivated, on track and all round made it easy. The online platform and resources from Fortress Learning were easy to use and overall, I highly recommend Fortress Learning and Deb Thomas. Thank you, Fortress Learning and Deb for helping me achieve my TAE40116.

Date of experience:

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John Whalan




May 02, 2023

I am pleased I chose Fortress Learning…

I am pleased I chose Fortress Learning for my TAE upgrade training. From start to finish, everyone was so helpful with every aspect and my trainer Deb provided excellent guidance and feedback throughout. The videos by Emma were very clear and easy to follow to help with each step of the assignments. Can't recommend Fortress highly enough for those requiring professional training in the courses they offer.

Date of experience:

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September 07, 2023


The whole Cert IV upgrade process was clearly communicated & defined. It provided manageable steps to complete at your own pace! All instructions were clear & the communication from Fortress staff was immediate, to the point & helpful. I found the course enjoyable, valuable, efficient... completing it easily & without concern. My course was fully online (except for the validation process) & staff support was exemplary. The validation process facilitator was outstanding. I would therefore recommend Fortress based on my experience with this course!

Date of experience:

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Adam D




March 21, 2023

Thank You!!

I’m not a person who takes to technology and computers easily, I never gained an education through high school. Thanks to Deb and the team at Fortress, I was able to get my qualification to start my dream job, training and assessing apprentices. I would like to thank everyone at Fortress for helping and guiding me along the way, I will be forever grateful!

Date of experience:

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Olena Popova




Date of experience: 17 August 2023

Thank you Fortress Learning.

Amazing experience! Very well done recourses, support and encouragement through the course. My trainer Deb was a legend helping me throughout the course, very approachable and easily contacted either on the phone or via Zoom.

Date of experience:

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Susanna C




Date of experience: 05 July 2023

Very impressed

I had a great experience doing my TAE through Fortress. Very clear tasks with videos to give guidance and instructions on the tasks. Trainers very responsive and willing to help! Marking done within 4 days. Thank you very much!

Date of experience:

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Why Do The Upgrade?

In all honesty, right now it’s not mandatory for those who have the TAE40116 to upgrade to the TAE40122, as per the Standards for RTOs. But let us highlight why it’s actually pretty important.

  1. There is new content in the TAE40122 that wasn’t included in the TAE40116, so upgrading means you’ll have all the latest industry knowledge, skills, and practices to rock at training and assessing learners.
  2. And here’s the cool part: having the newest TAE credentials shows that you’re engaging in professional development and are motivated to be exceptional. THIS makes you a stand out, so what do you think it could do for your employment opportunities? It’s totally worth going for the TAE40122 qualification!

A Brighter Future With Fortress

According to the NCVER  in their Australian vocational education and training statistics VET student outcomes report for 2022, the national average statistic for students who said that they "experienced improved employment status after completing their VET training", was 65%.

Compare this to the students who did their training with Fortress Learning, and a whopping 83.3% of our students said that they received an improved employment status after completing their studies. That's an increase of over 27% compared to the National Average!

You Graduating Is Our No.1 Goal!

This course can be challenging and many of you are doing it because you “have to”, we get it, so we have gone to great lengths to make the learning material as engaging as possible, we also monitor your progress and reach out if we see you’ve stalled so we can support you to keep going. We are there every step of the way!

Button Text
This is your fully self-directed and self-paced, all-online option, where you can determine your own schedule and how fast you get to your destination. Perfect if you prefer to work independently, can focus and motivate yourself and have great study habits.
Total Cost:
  • Full Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40122)

  • 1:1 trainer support not included (pay-as-you-go @ $50/30 mins)

  • Assessments marked within 4 - 8 business days

  • Regular progress check-ins

  • Facebook peer support group

  • Fortnightly fast help 10 min trainer support blocks (evening)

  • Unlimited learner portal and technical support

You pay the total amount today (which includes the non-refundable $150 enrolment interview fee).
Payment Today:
  • No long-term financial commitment

  • The rest of your pay-in-full payment will be invoiced after enrolment interview

  • Full refund (including the $150 enrolment interview fee), if the course is deemed as not suitable for you

  • TOTAL COST: $1500

You only pay the course deposit today (which includes the non-refundable $150 enrolment interview fee), then your first repayment will come out in 14 days. Your repayment amount and total number of repayments are below:
Deposit Today:
Payment Amount:
No. Repayments:
  • More manageable financially

  • Your 1st instalment is due after your enrolment interview but before your course can commence

  • Full refund (including the $150 enrolment interview fee), if the course is deemed as not suitable for you

  • TOTAL COST: $1650

You only pay the course deposit today (which includes the non-refundable $150 enrolment interview fee), then your first repayment will come out in 7 days. Your repayment amount and total number of repayments are below:
Deposit Today:
Payment Amount:
No. Repayments:
  • More manageable financially

  • Your 1st instalment is due after your enrolment interview but before your course can commence

  • Full refund (including the $150 enrolment interview fee), if the course is deemed as not suitable for you

  • TOTAL COST: $1650