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Man on a laptopWelcome to Fortress Learning! We’re excited for you to start your study journey with us. Before you complete the application form, please read through the following information about the application process below.

Application Process

1. This is an application process only. You’ll only be accepted to enrol once you complete the Suitability Assessment in your enrolment interview. This happens after you have completed the application form and paid a deposit.

2. Payment Methods: When you submit your application form, you will be able to pay your deposit using any of these methods:

Method 1 – Upfront Payment: Depending on your course program fee (for exact course fees, refer to the applicable course detail page), you can pay a deposit of up to $1,500 today. This is the maximum amount that can be paid as per clause 7.3 of the SRTOs. An invoice will be sent to you outlining the remaining balance (if any) and its due date (within 60 days).

Method 2 – Payment Plan: You can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments and pay the applicable deposit amount today (you will see the deposit amount when you access the application form payment methods dropdown box below). Please note that the payment plan amount will vary and be higher than the upfront payment method due to an administration fee. If choosing a payment plan, please note Units of Competency completed will not be recorded, and Statements of Attainments will not be issued before the full balance of fees has been paid.

3. Application Fee: Please note that your deposit includes a non-refundable $150 application fee. This $150 application fee is inclusive of the overall course costs.

4. If you’re not accepted into the course due to the Suitability Assessment, your full deposit (including the $150 application fee) will be refunded to you. Here is a link to our refund policy

5. Once your payment has been processed, you can book your enrolment interview on the checkout page or contact our staff directly.

Some essential documents to review:

By law, we have to provide you with a number of documents to review prior to enrolment. Please find a link to these here:


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my application isn’t successful?

If, for whatever reason, we find that this course is not suitable for you, we’ll refund you any money you’ve paid, including the $150 application fee.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to continue the course?

If you change your mind within the cooling off period (7 days from the date of learner portal activation), we will refund you all money paid, minus the $150 application fee.

If you’ve been accepted but haven’t continued with your enrolment within 14 days, we’ll refund you all money paid, minus the $150 application fee. If this happens and you choose to keep going with your enrolment application, you’ll need to pay the application fee again.

What if I don’t show up to the enrolment interview?

We understand that life happens. However, if you’ve completed the application form and have not attended your enrolment interview within 14 days from the date of application, we will refund you all money paid minus the application fee. If this does occur and you choose to keep going with your enrolment, you will be required to re-apply and pay the application fee again.

What if I don’t have a credit card to pay the deposit?

Please contact our Student Support Team to help you pay your deposit and to arrange your enrolment interview without a credit card. We can also arrange electronic bank transfers on request.

What if I want to apply for government funding?

Please don’t use this application link if you plan to use government funding options. You can check out our funding options HERE, but if you are planning to use funding, please contact our Student Support Team on 1300 141 994.