Three Diploma Graduates Share Their Experiences

When it comes to study (and life!), everyone’s experience is different. We all have different demands, priorities, routines, preferences and motivations, so it only makes sense that everyone has their own unique experience when it comes to online learning.

We interviewed three of our Diploma Graduates to find out about their own online learning experience.  While each experience was different, the end result remained the same: they all successfully completed their qualification!

1. From the day you started to the day you finished, how much time did it take you to complete your course?

Rhonda, Dip VET/TDD: Just under 2 years; I had to defer and extend my course due to life happening. I rang and spoke to the team at Fortress Learning and discussed how I could complete my course. Life does happen and it is great to know there are options to reach your goals.

Danika, Triple Business Diploma: 10 months.

Richard, Diploma of Leadership and Management: 5 months.

2. How much time did you study each day or each week?

Rhonda, Dip VET/TDD: I would set aside a whole day that would work for me free from distractions; family aware. This would be from 6-10 hours, depending on how tired I was. For me, it was usually the Sunday, I would have rested on Saturday and be fresh to do my coursework.

Danika, Triple Business Diploma: I studied 30 minutes every day after work. I gave myself approximately 3 weeks to complete each subject… and I ended up finishing a month early.

Richard, Diploma of Leadership and Management: On average, I would dedicate 3 nights a week to study. Sometimes I would sit down for an hour, and sometimes I could keep at it for 3 hours or more. My submissions were always marked very quickly which no doubt sped up the process.

3. What was your study routine?

Rhonda, Dip VET/TDD: As I said previously, I would set aside a whole day that would work for me and usually the Sunday.  I am a morning person so to get up at 7 am was fine… Family sleeping in and free of distractions.  I would have prepared a plan for what I was going to work on the day or so before for good time management.  I also had a designated area to work with computers, file trays, textbooks etc. This area allowed me to get up and walk away without having to pack up.

I believe in quality not quantity of study. I would read over [the course work] and clarify what I was going to do before starting and I would have a coffee and water beside me. I would also make sure I took a short break every 2 hours and eat lunch at the table away from my work. If I was forgetting or losing concentration, I would take a short walk 10-20 mins then try again. I tried to be kind to myself, not pushing too hard if it was not working. [I would then] reward myself with a daggy movie at the end of my sessions.

Richard, Diploma of Leadership and Management: I would let the wife know when I needed to study. She was a big help in making sure I did it, she held me accountable. I just went into my office after dinner and got into it.


There is obviously more than one way climb a tree – or, complete a qualification via an online platform.  Some finish the course sooner than anticipated (like Danika), and other times, when life happens, it can take a bit longer (like it did for Rhonda).

Whether you study for 3 nights a week, set aside one whole day a week, or attack your study in bite-size pieces every day after work, the important thing is that you are constantly chipping away at your course.  Consistency is key.

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