Qualification Packaging Rules – the 3 Important Things You Need to Know

Qualification Packaging Rules – it’s a term we hear quite often in our world of Vocational Education and Training but one that we sometimes don’t understand.

We have put together a video and blog to assist you in understanding Qualification packaging rules, how they work and why they are important to understanding how Qualifications work.

Watch our Qualification Packaging Rules video on Youtube to gain a top-level understanding.

3 Important rules to remember when packaging qualifications

So let’s recap, the three most important things you need to know about Qualification packaging rules are:

Rule 1

Core units are MANDATORY and must be included in the ‘Package’, whereas elective units provide a choice/flexibility depending on the desired outcome,

Rule 2

Elective units may show as one list of elective units or maybe ‘Grouped’ into specialty areas to assist with unit selection. The ‘Rules’ will require selection from different groups (1 from Group A and two from Group B etc.)

Rule 3

If Elective units allow for importing of units of competency from different qualifications, then the electives chosen must reflect the desired job role and must be aligned with the appropriate AQF level of the qualification.

Changes to the new TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

With the changes soon to be endorsed in the new TAE Training Package Version 5, it’s important to understand how packaging rules work; speak with us on 1300 141 994 or visit our TAE40122 course detail page here to find out how we are packaging the new TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

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