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Every now and then, a graduating student writes a review that we believe really captures what we try to do.  Instead of them ending up hidden among the others, we will share them with you, and try to explain why we think they are so appropriate.

Sara Eastway: What did she say?
Well structured and great learning tools.

I found the Learner Portal to be user friendly and the experience of online learning with Fortress was entirely positive. Fortress has a really efficient team. Via email and phone, I always felt like there was someone who could genuinely help me. I found the team to be highly approachable, well organised and supportive in terms of offering genuine personalised support. The quality of the course materials and assessments is excellent and so I really felt that I was learning and earning the qualification. I also really appreciated being offered an extension to my study period. This supportive move from Fortress provided me with the motivation and stimulus to finally find the time to fit in the online study in my busy schedule. A really rewarding and satisfying study experience. Thank you for keeping the quality of education. It is hard to find these days.
Why did this particular testimonial comment get our attention?

Sara’s use of the word “genuine” is incredibly validating.  Thank you, Sara!  Each staff member of Fortress has a very real, genuine interest in not just how we see the standard of our products and service, but how each student experiences it.  The quality of students’ experience is first priority for every member of our team, despite what our role is – trainer, accounts officer, student support, admin assistant… even the fellow who prints out Certificates and puts labels on envelopes.

How you experience us drives us to continually evaluate and revise the way we do things so that you can experience a better us…

Students having trouble understanding the requirements of Project 1a? OK, let’s word the instructions a different way; let’s create an annotated sample of the Project to guide students.  

David’s work circumstances have changed recently and he tells us “he does a lot of this stuff in his new role”.  OK, let’s have a conversation with David about his roles at work and determine his eligibility for RPL – based on this, let’s adjust his course to best fit his current needs.

Joanne is stressed because she’s nearing her End Date, but her life has turned upside down and she won’t be able to do much study in the next few weeks. Let’s phone Joanne to offer our support and negotiate a plan to assist her.

John really can’t get his head around an assessment; we’ve emailed and we’ve spoken on the phone.  He really needs someone to show him.  OK then – let’s arrange a video call.

We aim to run a tight ship here at Fortress Learning. We have very clear processes about how things should be done so that no student falls through any holes.  These processes are constantly reviewed and adjusted so that you, our students, receive our very best.

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