What is RPL?

In the whirlwind world we live in, snagging the perfect new job feels more like a quest for the Holy Grail than a straightforward task. Picture this: a magic wand that makes your resume sparkle, turning heads in the job market. Enter RPL, the not-so-secret weapon in your arsenal on a job hunt or bouncing back into the workforce via reemployment services.

So, what's the deal with RPL, and how can it be your ace in the hole for a job search? Let's jump in and find out!

What Is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is like the cool teacher who realises you've learned a lot outside the traditional classroom—through work, volunteering, online courses, or just living your life. It's all about giving you credit for what you know and can do, no matter where you learned it.

For people eyeing a new job, who want to try reemployment services, or who are trying to up their game in the job market, RPL is like a bridge over troubled waters. It acknowledges your already well-earned skills, potentially saving you time and money on getting more formal qualifications.

How Does It Work?

The magic happens when your life experiences get matched up against the requirements for a specific qualification. If your skills and knowledge fit the bill for a certificate or diploma, you could secure that qualification without sitting through classes and assessment workshops. It's a nod to your hard work and expertise, seriously boosting your job search options with recognised qualifications.

Navigating the RPL Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Diving into the RPL process might seem like venturing into a maze, but fear not—it's more like a treasure hunt once you know the map. Here's your cheat sheet:

1. Self-Assessment: Kick things off with a deep dive into your skills, knowledge, and experiences. Think about your work, volunteer gigs, and any learning moments. This helps you spot where you might already tick the qualification boxes.

2. Choose the Right Qualification: Pick a qualification that lines up with your career dreams and what you already know. It's all about finding the perfect fit to boost your career or job hunt. Read up on the individual units of competency and the assessments so you know what evidence you’ll need to find.

3. Gather Your Evidence: Round up proof of your skills and experiences. This could be job descriptions, references, work samples, or any certificates you've earned along the way. The more you have for each unit of competency, the merrier!

4. Submit Your Application: Once you've got your evidence pile, send it off to your chosen educational institution, the one that offers RPL, of course. Make sure everything is in there to showcase your skills and experiences against the units of competency and assessment outcomes

5. Assessment: Your application will go under the microscope, with assessors checking your evidence against the qualification criteria. You might have a chat or do some tasks to show off your skills.

6. Receive Your Assessment Outcome: You'll get the lowdown on what parts of the qualification you've nailed through RPL and what areas you need to produce more evidence of.

7. Fill Any Gaps: If you can’t pass with RPL because gaps exist, it's your chance to learn something new and complete those units to get your qualification.

8. Achieve Your Qualification: Once you've crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's, you'll get your qualification. This is your ticket to new job opportunities, better success with reemployment services and all around, just making your job search more of a breeze.

The Benefits of RPL For Your Career

RPL is like a career supercharger, helping you zoom along your chosen path:

  • Speeds Up Career Progression: Turn your experiences into recognised qualifications and hit the fast-forward button on your career.
  • Boosts Job Hunt Success: Stand out in the job market with more formal qualifications.
  • Opens Up New Job Opportunities: Pivot into new roles or industries by showcasing your transferable skills.
  • Gives You a Confidence Boost: Knowing the qualification-worthy skills you hold within all of your well-earned work experience can really boost your self-esteem.

RPL and Reemployment Services

For those in the midst of a career switch or seeking reemployment services, RPL is a game-changer. It shines a light on the skills you've picked up in past roles, making the job hunt smoother and more successful.

Pursuing RPL With Fortress Learning

Choosing where to pursue RPL is key. Our RPL assessment kits are known for being thorough and much less painful than many others. Some RTOs don’t offer RPL because it can be painful to work out, set up and complete if they don’t have an Emma (our rather talented Training Manager). RPL is available for all of our courses, including the new Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40122) and, very shortly, the Diploma in Training and Assessment (TAE50122).

Take the Next Step With RPL

In a nutshell, what is RPL? Recognition of Prior Learning is more than just a process; it's your job search golden ticket to unlocking your potential and supercharging your career. By valuing your experiences, RPL opens doors to new opportunities, making your job hunt more effective and your career journey smoother.

If you're ready to turn your experiences into recognised qualifications and leap towards your career goals, diving into RPL is your next move. Reach out to Fortress Learning today to see if you can add a new qualification to your resume by using RPL.

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