My Role As Your Trainer

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Trainers don’t just train.  My role as your trainer is to listen, learn, plan, adapt, help, soothe, challenge and tolerate.

Students expect all this, and often more besides those.  But, for a Trainer to be effective at training, I must be very clear about what is most important.

We gave it some thought and came up with the following list – it is not everything, but it captures what we believe the most important things are when it comes to the perspective of "my role as your trainer". And it doesn’t matter if it is the Cert IV TAE or TAE Diplomas or something entirely different, if we get this right, then we have the best chance of success.

My Role As Your Trainer

If you prefer words to pictures:

I am

  • Not your boss, although I might tell you what to do
  • Not your friend, although I will be there with you
  • Not your psychologist, although I will do my best to help you

I will

  • Expect you to succeed, but I won’t expect you to do it alone
  • Listen to your concerns, but I won’t always agree with them
  • Challenge you, but I won’t push you further than I think you can go
  • Tell you if you are wrong, but I won’t think any less of you
  • Tell you if I am wrong, and I hope you won’t think any less of me

I need

  • Your trust, for you will have mine
  • Your permission, for you have mine
  • Your humility, for that is the foundation of learning

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