Studying a Certificate IV TAE With Fortress Learning: User-Friendly

Every now and then, a Certificate IV TAE student writes a review that we believe deserves to be featured and discussed. Instead of them ending up hidden among the others, we will share them with you, and let you know our thoughts about them.

This is what Denise said:
“I found this RTO extremely user-friendly, my trainer Emma was fantastic and was always extremely kind and helpful throughout the course. She encouraged me and motivated me to pursue my studies in a very difficult time and made me feel on top of the world once I achieved the tasks at hand. Hands down the best RTO I have dealt with. Thank you Fortress Learning I look forward to my future studies with your organisation.”
Why did this particular testimonial comment get our attention?

Here at Fortress Learning, we understand that life happens. Sometimes, circumstances can change in a single day without warning.

We want our students to know that should the unexpected or unanticipated occur, we are here to talk to you about your study options. We have found that what is best for you is usually what is best for us, too.

This is why we offer the option to extend and/or defer our course enrolments.

However, like Denise, an option may be to simply ask for extra support to ensure you complete your course in time. This could involve setting up a weekly phone call with your trainer to make sure you stay on track.

The last thing we want is for one of our students to feel like they are isolated and alone.  Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you!

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