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Every now and then, a graduating student writes a review that we believe really captures what we try to do.  Instead of them ending up hidden among the others, we will share them with you, and try to explain why we think they are so appropriate.

Michael: What did he say?
Very satisfied!
Very thorough & professional service overall – happy to recommend!
Why did this particular testimonial comment get our attention?

Whilst we pride ourselves on giving our students the ‘personal touch’, at Fortress Learning we are unwavering in our professionalism to get the job done properly.

We say that we will provide you with confidence and certainty – and, we will.


When we are confident and certain.


By insisting that every box that needs to be ticked, is ticked. By being thorough. By saying “Not Yet Satisfactory” when things are not yet satisfactory. By guiding you through the process until we can say “Satisfactory” because you are… because you have fulfilled all the requirements.

We will not let you take shortcuts, and we will not short change you.

We will not issue a qualification until we are satisfied that you are Competent (note the capital C!).

Thoroughness and professionalism: this is our commitment to you.

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