Overcoming Learner Discomfort

What is learner discomfort?
“When a learner becomes conscious of their own performance – or lack of – that then can lead to them becoming anxious, which is an uncomfortable place to be.
So by “learner discomfort”, I guess I am talking about feelings of anxiety, worry or concern. A lack of confidence in the learner’s ability to participate in any meaningful way; to progress in any meaningful way.”
Now that we know what it is, how do we overcome it?

The four episodes below are from Fortress Learning’s series on teaching micro-skills called The Small Stuff.

In each episode, Fortress Learning’s founder Bryan offers some strategies that you can implement in the classroom to make learning a much more comfortable, and therefore more productive, experience.

#1. Brain Dump

In Part 1 of Overcoming Learner Discomfort, Bryan demonstrates how to overcome learner discomfort using a strategy called “Brain Dump”.

#2. Avoid Straight Lines

In Part 2, Bryan explains how to overcome learner discomfort by avoiding straight lines.

#3. Get Creative

In Part 3, Bryan explains how creativity can be a useful strategy when overcoming learner discomfort.

#4. Talk About It

In Part 4, Bryan discusses how to overcome learner discomfort by simply talking about it.

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Have you tried implementing The Small Stuff in your own classroom? How did it go?

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