Just Turning Up is Not Enough

I train First Aid specifically. I find that there is an expectation that students will be deemed competent just by attending a course. We train a one day course with E-Learning and whilst not mandatory many students consider it an imposition on their time. Workplaces often say their employees won’t do it.

Also, many workplaces want courses to be performed in reduced hours. This puts great stress on our RTO and trainers specifically to take shortcuts. This is not our company policy and therefore we may lose customers for not conforming.

One day soon major incidents will occur due to a lack of quality training, and skills. This behaviour by the quick buck trainers is eroding our VET system. I actually did a secret shopper and gained an Early Childhood First Aid course in 2hrs 45 mins. Disgusting by all standards. I am betting mine is not the only Industry experiencing the same.

Also, I also believe that Industry experience should be a real-world experience. I have a first-aid certificate, a Certificate IV and now Dual Diplomas in TAE therefore I can train first aid. I ensure that I actually do first aid duties during the year in order to hands-on heart say I have competency and experience. I don’t believe reading a few articles is enough!!!! The world is evolving we need to connect with our trades to ensure that we are sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled and to ensure our teaching is relevant and up to date for our students.

Published 27 November 2019

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About the Author:

Debbie Thomas is a First Aid Trainer with a Brisbane-based RTO and is now employed by Fortress Learning teaching the Certificate IV TAE.

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