How And When to Upgrade Your TAE Diplomas - Dip VET And Dip TDD

The TAE Training Package that came out in April 2016 had a few changes. Understanding those changes is key to understanding how best to upgrade your TAE Diplomas, and when to do it. This article will introduce what has not changed, what has changed and what it all means.  It will finish with some reasons why other people are upgrading, and some questions you may wish to ask yourself.

What didn’t change?

All of the units stay equivalent, even though there have been a few changes to some of them (see below).

The new TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design & Development is equivalent to the earlier TAE50211 Dip TDD. The Packaging Rules remain the same, and because all of the units are equivalent, there are no changes to this qualification. Like Fortress Learning, all RTOs with the TAE50211 on Scope were automatically given the TAE50216.

What did change?

At the Qualification level:

The new TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training had a minor change to its Core units. Whereas the earlier TAE50111 Dip VET had TAELLN411 as the Core LLN unit, the newer TAE50216 has the TAELLN501 as the Core. TAELLN411 is now an elective.

At the unit level:

While the units have remained equivalent, there are some substantial changes to some of the units that are worth knowing about.

TAELLN501, now a core unit, no longer requires you to show that you have supported 10 learners. The new unit requires only 5 learners. However, this reduction is offset by the inclusion of an entirely new Element that requires you can show that you have not only been continuing to improve your own LLN practice but that you have been able to support other trainers and assessors to do the same. For people who work largely independently, this addition may be problematic.

TAEASS502 still requires you to show three assessment tools from three separate Units of Competency, but it no longer requires that these tools be from 3 separate AQF levels. This will make this unit much easier for many people to attain.

How do I know which Upgrade suits my circumstances?

The following diagram will help you work out which Upgrade Option is best for you.  Options 1, 2 and 3 are for a single Diploma.  Options 4 and 5 are for the Dual Diploma.

Single Diploma & Dual Diploma Upgrade Options

Why are other people upgrading now?

When asked why they are choosing to upgrade, they tell us:

  • they see the paralysis of others as an opportunity (if I can get this done now, then I will have an edge over others)
  • they want the new Dip TDD now because they want their professional skills recognised with a qualification that is not tainted by the inconsistent standards associated with the earlier TAE qualifications (I cannot stand what has happened to the TAE and don’t want to be put in the same basket as someone who got their qual from a Weeties box)
  • they also see that it is probably cheaper to have that qualification upgraded now than to wait for the inevitable price rise when the new Dip VET also becomes available (I can see prices going through the roof once providers get the new quals on scope)
  • they know that they will need the LLN501B or LLN501 eventually, and so rather than waiting, they want to get that done so that as soon as the new Dip VET becomes available, they will be able to upgrade entirely through Credit Transfer (I’m going to have to do it eventually, and the old one is going to be a lot easier for me than the new one)
  • for the LLN501, they also see that it is likely cheaper to complete it now before the inevitable price rise that will come when RTOs have the new Cert IV TAE and Dip VET on Scope (I might as well make hay while the sun is shining and avoid having to pay more later)

What should you do?

We get this question a lot.  It really depends on what matters to you.  There will be lots of people with vested interests trying to convince you to do this or to do that.

There’s a lot of noise out there, and we think it is important for people to make informed decisions to ensure that they make good choices for themselves. Our advice is to ask yourself some questions and be guided by your own answers:

  1. Do I even care about the new Dip VET and/or Dip TDD?
  2. Does it matter to me that I get it sooner or later?
  3. Does it matter to me that it might cost a bit more later?
  4. What would I have to do to get things started?

If you would like to talk it through, then be in touch by filling in the Contact Form or call our team on  1300 141 994

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