Why Response Times Matter for Cert IV TAE and Dip VET Online Learners

If there is one thing we have learned over our years of training Certificate IV TAE and Dip VET students, it is this:  People don’t just like to know what is happening, they need to know when it will happen.

Everyone is busy.   Our students are busy professionals who are juggling the often competing demands for limited time.  And limited energy.

So, when they have a window of opportunity to get some of their course done, they need to make the most of it.

How do we help our Certificate IV TAE and Dip VET students make the most of their windows of opportunity?

Fortress Learning has very strict guidelines about our response times.  We want you to know we are here, and that you matter.

Marra: The Fortress staff were great communicators…you did not drop off their radar throughout the entire course and they went out of their way to help me achieve my goals.

There are 3 responses that we know matter most to our students:

  • Emails are answered within 8 business hours.

Let’s face it, much of your study will be done outside business hours.  If you shoot off an email on Tuesday night, then we want to make sure you have a reply before you return to your desk on Wednesday night.   You won’t have the confidence to continue where you left off.

Shirley: responses were so quick – this highlights their dedication to the students completing their courses.
  • Phone calls are returned within 4 business hours.

If you need to talk something through, then it is best to do that while the idea is fresh in your mind.  Having to wait days or weeks just makes your brain hurt and slows you down.  You won’t have the confidence to take the next step with certainty.

Natalie:  Fortress staff were quick to respond to my questions right from my first phone call.
  • Marking is done within 4 business days.

So much of the Cert IV TAE and Dip VET programs are cumulative.  What you do now leads to the next bit.  While it is possible to have a couple of things on the go at any one time, you really cannot gain much traction if you are continually waiting for feedback.  Not only won’t you know if you have completed something properly, but you also won’t have the confidence to continue.

Chris: All my assignments and projects were usually marked within 24hrs, except weekends of course. Each submitted piece had thoughtful and useful feedback which showed the trainers commitment to a good education.

Where did the response times for our Cert IV TAE and Dip VET students come from?

We measure lots of stuff.

Over the years, we have measured and matched and analysed heaps of data, and believe that these response times represent the ‘sweet spot’ for us.  If anything, we usually respond faster than these times, and that exceeds the expectations of our students.

One of our recent Dip VET online graduates, Rhonda, reflected on this in her TrustPilot testimonial:

I have rated Fortress Learning 5 stars due to:
*the professionalism of all staff
*the quality of training given
*the support available via by newsletters, emails and phone calls
*the timely marking of assessments with feedback
*and what may be the most important- the availability of my trainer and the prompt returning of calls/emails

Why do we bother?

When Fortress Learning was started we decided that all of our decisions would be made through reference to the question:  what is the right thing to do?

  • We know that you are busy.
  • We know that studying your Cert IV TAE or Dip VET online can be lonely and fraught with challenges.
  • We know that you are juggling lots of demands for your time and energy.

But it is not just about you.  It’s about us, too.

We also know that momentum is a key to your motivation, and that timeliness is a key to your momentum.

We also know that clarity is the key to understanding expectations.  If you are clear on what to expect then you will be certain of what can and will happen next.  And from that certainty comes confidence.

Confidence for us both, that together we will succeed.

Jayme:  Fortress Learning is a quality institution to study through that is supportive and wants to see everyone succeed.
Meagan: Response times were great, which helped me keep going when I was on a roll with the work. They are committed to ensuring all standards are met and providing a professional and high quality service.

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