Assessments Really Test You

Every now and then, a graduating student writes a Review that we believe really captures what we try to do.  Instead of them ending up hidden among the others, we will share them with you, and try to explain why we think they are so appropriate.

What did Glenn (not his real name) say?

Well structured and great learning tools.
I found the Fortress Learning Learner Portal to be user friendly, and the units of study to be well laid out, informative and the associated assessments really did test what you had learned. Overall a very good learning experience with positive support from the trainers.

Why did this particular testimonial comment get our attention?

As an RTO, our focus is on training and assessing competence. Properly. Glenn’s comment that the “assessment really did test what you had learned” reflects what we continually strive to achieve and improve on – that is, to make sure that you are competent and clearly, undoubtedly so.

To do this, we are constantly evaluating our training materials. Do they allow our students to learn what it is they need to learn?  This means we offer one-on-one support so that each student can clarify any uncertainties and be confident that their understanding is accurate and thorough. This means that we critically review our assessment tools to ensure that they fully allow students to patently demonstrate their competence.  And, this means that we assess students’ competence with unflinchingly professional judgement.  We can get you there, together.

Our name, as a quality RTO, means everything to us.  Possessing a Certificate that bears the Fortress Learning logo means that you are competent. Plain and simple.

If you would like to know more about what it means to be a student with us,  check out Our Courses, or give us a call on 1300 141 994 and we can explore what that would look like.

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