Here Be Dragons Advice From Cert IV TAE Students

In the olden days, “Here be Dragons” was used on maps to point out dangerous or unexplored territories.  When it comes to the Cert IV TAE (and our other courses), there are a few dragons as well.  So, just like the mariners of old relied on maps to find their way past obstacles, we too can learn from the people who have gone before us.

To help with that, we asked our Cert IV TAE students what advice they would give people who are just starting out and they told us these 5 things. (The headings are ours, but the words beneath are a combination of quotes from real-life students who are doing their Cert IV TAE or who have finished it not so long ago).

Or, if you prefer words:

What advice do Certificate IV TAE students give newcomers?

1.  Pick the Low Hanging TAE Fruit

Get the easy stuff out of the way.  The Cert IV TAE knowledge side of it is easier to get done in bits and pieces than the projects, and it also made you feel like you had made a dent.

2. Use What You Know …

Create one scenario to work with for the full course and do your assignments around that scenario. It makes filling in the “context” for the assessment and training assignments much easier – as there is one “story” to work with.

3.  … Then Get Help When You Don’t

Stay close to your trainer and their assistants whenever there is confusion or difficulty with understanding the course materials or what is required, as it helps to keep any feelings of overwhelm in check.  It also stops you from making excuses and keeps you moving along.

4.  Doing Nothing is Not an Option With Your Cert IV TAE

Set time for your TAE study and do something.  You are not going to get any help or feedback, or know how you are going unless you take the first step.  Trust that your Cert IV TAE trainer will take your momentum and guide you in the right direction.

5. Don’t. Give. Up.

The biggest advice is to persevere. We don’t let our kids quit when stuff gets hard or boring – we shouldn’t quit on ourselves.  Don’t give up no matter how much you cry. It all comes together at the end so don’t judge its worth until you have finished.

*Did you know that “Here be Dragons” first started to appear in maps of the East Asian waters, with the dragon bit referring to the Komodo dragons of Indonesia?

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