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Assessor Skill Set

Completing this skill set will qualify you to work as an Assessor ONLY, without needing supervision, in a recognised Vocational Education and Training organisation such as TAFE or an RTO offering nationally recognised courses, starting sooner to impact the next generation of people entering your industry positively.

The units of this skill set can be credited towards the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40122) in the future.


What The ASSESSOR skill set will give you

This is the newest version of the skill set that means you can start working as an assessor (without supervision). It’s either the first step to working in an RTO, or if you’ve done the facilitation skill set, it means you can take on the role of assessor and trainer (training only under supervision). Stacking the skill sets is a nice shortcut because you don’t have to wait until you complete the full Cert IV in Training and Assessment to start your new career. Bonus!

Watch this short overview video to learn more about what specialised units are included and what opportunities this skill set will give you once you complete it. This is the exciting part!

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What’s Included in each unit:

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TAEDES411 - Use Nationally Recognised Training Products To Meet Vocational Training Needs

1. Prepare To Use Nationally Recognised Training Products:

  • Access and interpret industry and learner information to identify training needs.
  • Research nationally recognised training products that would meet identified training needs.

2. Analyse Nationally Recognised Training Products:

  • Read and interpret nationally recognised training products that may meet training needs.
  • Select those training products that meet identified needs.
  • Review and interpret information in available support material relating to selected training products.
  • Access and interpret existing training and assessment strategy to determine the training context and assessment environment.

3. Apply and Evaluate Selected Nationally Recognised Training Products:

  • Apply selected nationally recognised training products to own practice according to learner needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Seek feedback relating to whether applied training products meet specified requirements and identified needs.
  • Analyse collected feedback and identify required changes to product use.

(Source: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/TAE/TAEDES411_R1.pdf)

TAEASS412 - Assess Competence

1. Plan and Prepare to Conduct Assessment

  • Access registered training organisation (RTO) assessment system and legislative and regulatory requirements and confirm assessment policies and procedures relevant to own job role.
  • Access training and assessment strategy and delivery plan and identify purpose, target group, requirements and resources for assessment.
  • Access and analyse unit/s of competency and assessment tool, and check that tool maps to unit/s and assessment requirements and complies with the principles of assessment and rules of evidence.
  • Identify actions required to be undertaken by candidate and assessor in preparation for assessment.
  • Identify and obtain resources required to meet assessment conditions according to organisational procedures.

2. Customise Assessment Process

  • Identify where recognition of prior learning (RPL) and/or reasonable adjustment is required and can be appropriately applied to the assessment process without compromising the assessment’s integrity.
  • Review foundation skill requirements of the unit of competency and foundation skill levels of candidates.
  • Seek specialist advice and support where foundation skill support is required before assessment.
  • Review information about candidates’ industry and/or work roles and identify any contextualisation required of the assessment process.
  • Determine and apply suitable methods to achieve the required contextualisation.
  • Record any modifications to the assessment process according to organisational procedures.

3. Prepare Candidates

  • Explain to candidates the assessment process, performance standards, and any customisation made to the assessment process, according to organisational procedures.
  • Confirm that candidates understand and agree to the assessment process and are aware of their right to appeal.
  • Confirm with candidates that they are ready for assessment.
  • Schedule assessment activities according to organisational procedures.

4. Collect Evidence

  • Organise, contextualise and confirm assessment activities and candidate support according to assessment tool instructions.
  • Use agreed assessment methods and instruments to gather, organise and document evidence in a format suitable for determining competence and according to principles of assessment and rules of evidence.
  • Identify, monitor, and address within the scope of own role work health and safety (WHS) hazards and risks during evidence collection.
  • Monitor and adjust reasonable adjustments as required to accommodate candidate needs while maintaining rigour of the assessment process.
  • Record judgement of satisfactory or not satisfactory performance on all instruments, together with reasons for that judgement.
  • Provide candidates with feedback on performance, support and opportunities to re-submit assessments according to organisational procedures.

5. Make Assessment Judgement

  • Review collected evidence and confirm that rules of evidence and principles of assessment have been met.
  • Ensure that required assessment activities have been completed according to VET regulatory requirements and the assessment guidance and are assessed as satisfactory before making a judgement of competence.
  • Seek moderation to assist in making the final judgement where required and according to organisational requirements.
  • Make assessment judgement based on evidence of individual candidate’s demonstrated competence against evidence requirements.
  • Record judgement of competence, details of how the judgement was made, and any modifications or adjustments made to the assessment process.
  • Provide feedback to the candidate on performance and assessment judgement according to organisational procedures.
  • Implement and document required follow-up for those candidates deemed not yet competent.
  • Complete and submit assessment records and results according to organisational procedures.

6. Review assessment practice

  • Seek feedback relevant to your own assessment practice and according to organisational procedures.
  • Analyse assessment and own assessment practice and feedback and identify opportunities for improvements.

(Source: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/TAE/TAEASS412_R1.pdf)

TAEASS413 - Participate In Assessment Validation

1. Prepare for Validation Activities

Confirm the purpose, context and scope of planned assessment validation.

Confirm the role and responsibilities of self and others in the validation activities.

Access and review required assessment system policies and procedures and legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to own job role.

Confirm receipt of documents to be used in the validation process, reporting procedures, and records.

Review units of competency to identify evidence requirements.

Access and review samples of evidence collected and assessment judgements made.

2. Participate in Assessment Validation

  • Actively participate in validation sessions and activities using agreed communication methods and modes.
  • Apply principles of assessment and rules of evidence to assessment tools.
  • Discuss validation outcomes and recommendations to support improvements in the quality of assessment processes and judgements.
  • Report on validation outcomes and recommendations for improvement.

3. Contribute to Validation Outcomes

  • Discuss, agree and record recommendations to improve assessment practice according to organisational procedures.
  • Seek feedback from other participants on own participation in assessment validation activities.
  • Analyse feedback and own practice and identify opportunities for improvements.

(Source: https://training.gov.au/TrainingComponentFiles/TAE/TAEASS413_R1.pdf)

Person being prepared


You need 3 people to volunteer to act as “learners” in order to complete the practical assessment for this skill set. Everything else we provide.

The Assessments

Here is what you need to know about the assessments for this skill set: 

There will be 2 workshops covering everything you need to do for all the assessments. You will need to have completed all of the learning and preparation modules in your learner portal before you can attend the workshops. Then you need to submit the evidence and documentation once you have completed the workshops.


How Our Pricing Works

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The Standard Support Package

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The marking speed for students on the Standard Package is a maximum of 8 business days.

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The Extra Support Package

The Extra Support package includes all admin and technical support you receive in the Standard package, PLUS 6 hours of one-on-one trainer support, which you can book in 30-minute sessions (phone or video).

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This option is ideal for people who aren’t as great at self-paced learning, who may not be as comfortable with navigating the online space, and/or who typically find learning new things sometimes difficult.

The marking speed for students on the Extra Package is a maximum of 4 business days.
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The Ultimate Support Package

The Ultimate Support package includes all admin and technical support you receive in the Standard package, PLUS unlimited hours of one-on-one trainer support, which you can book in 30-minute sessions.

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The marking speed for students on the Ultimate Package is a maximum of 4 business days.

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